01. What are the advantages of paid Ads over 'free' Ads?

Guaranteed exposure, longer run times, larger ads in a word better exposure for you with more chances of a client clicking through to your online ads. Paid ads generally get 10 times better exposure than free ads; visitors also say something about you, the advertiser: “This person or (Your Business) is serious”.

02. What is important before placing an Ad?

The most important thing before placing an ad is to read and accept our Terms and Conditions. The purpose of these terms is to discourage fraudulent and non serious activities on the website.

03. What is the procedure to place Ads on this website?

In first step you need to get registration, select pricing plan then signup, choose payment method for your convenience and join us, click on “Place Your Ad” then enter your product details, select category where you desire to post your ad, Tag your ad which is helpful in searching your each product. You may put your telephone number in description field, upload images of your products, size of the image must be under 576×384 pixels which is equal to 6×4 inches, follow the instruction to upload images then submit ad. Your ad will be reviewed and published by us. Make sure the ad should be legitimate and payment process has been completed.

04. What is the procedure to place Banner Ad?

Banner Ad always gives 100 times better exposure comparatively so, we strongly suggest put your banner on this website. If you desire to place banner ad, simply contact us, share your business detail with our management. We are providing space for leaderboard sized banner of 728×90 pixels on home page. If you don’t have a banner of this particular size that would be created for you without additional cost.

05. How many types of Advertisements are being offered on this website?

There are 3 types of advertisements being offered:
a). Classified Advertisement.
b). Premium Advertisement.
c). Banner Advertisement.

06. What is lucky draw?

Frequently in every quarter of the year we provide extra financial benefit through lucky draw among our members, the winner will get prize money which will be calculated with 1$ per member. That means, as many as members increase the amount of lucky draw will be increased.

07. What is the advantage of Premium Advertisement?

The premium ad is very useful tool to give better exposure comparatively; once you choose a plan for 6 months then you will be eligible to place your ad in Premium Advertisement section as well which is on top of the home page. Your ad will be published in 2 different sections, 1st in Premium Advertisement and 2nd in Classified Advertisement.

08. Is my credit/debit card detail secured?

See the detail in a topic of Collection & Use of the “Personal Information” read Clause “C” about Payment Information in our “Privacy Policy”.

09. How many ads can be placed?

Unlimited ads can be placed in any category once you are registered.

10. May I place my Ads in different categories?

Yes, if you have different kinds of products your ads can be placed in different categories. For example, you have a business of garments but simultaneously having other business like cosmetics then you can go in cosmetics category and place your ad there.

11. May I edit or delete my Ads?

Login your account, go into “My Profile” now there you can replace your ads, edit, change, delete or add more products, you can also make changes in description of your ads as per your desire.

12. How can I delete my account?

If you desire to delete your account, send us request to delete my account, your account will be deleted. All your ads will be deactivated with no further payment. However, you can re-join anytime through new registration.

13. If lost password, how it can be recovered?

Click “Login” then click on “Lost your password”, enter your username or e.mail to get new password. A new password will be sent to your e.mail address. You can login through this new password. You can change your password anytime in your “Profile” when desired.

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